Why Should Victims of Sexual Assault Hire an Attorney?

Victims of sexual assault often feel violated by the very system that is meant to protect them. Instead of receiving the help they need and being able to see their attacker put behind bars, sexual assault victims often become revictimized through the process. Those who have been violated have the right to pursue their attacker in a civil matter, even if the police do not end up pressing charges or the attacker is found guilty.

How Can an Attorney Help a Victim?

After a victim has gone through something so horrific as being attacked by a sexual aggressor, they often find it difficult to share what happened and get the help they need. Victims need to be taken seriously but they also need compassion and understanding, something the legal system is often lacking.

Hiring a Sacramento Abuse Attorney allows victims of sexual assault or abuse the advocacy they need. The attorney fights for the protection of their client’s rights and works to make sure the client feels comfortable throughout the process.

No victim should ever have to face their attacker alone. The attorney’s job is to shield their client, as much as possible, from interaction with the attacker, even if the matter ends up going to court. An attorney works to help their client through the process so the attacker can be held accountable for the heinous act they committed.

What Can the Victim Sue For?

The amount of compensation and what can be sued for will depend directly on the acts that occurred and the suffering that was caused. Often, sexual assault and abuse victims never fully heal from the attack and this is taken into consideration when affording them compensation.

Victims can sue for:

  • Physical suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of income
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of consortium with spouse
  • Punitive damages

No amount of money in the world can restore what a person loses due to sexual assault but holding the attacker responsible can bring closure and relief. If you have become the victim of a sexual assault or of abuse, contact an attorney today so you can have the legal help you are in need of.